e room assigned them, preparing for supper
ld acquaintance, Denton, who

had black hair." "And this man wears a red wig," said Oliver. "Are you sure of this?" asked Nicholas thoughtfully. "I am certain." "When did you recognize him

tried to
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?" "In the stage, when his glasses came o

ff." "What does this mean?" said Bundy, half to himself. "It means t

hat he is on our track," said Oliver coolly.

"But why? What object can he have?" "You have asked me too much

. Ask me some other conundrum." "Can he h

ope to rob me again? It must be that." "We will see that he don't." "Possi

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bly he has some other object in view. I should like to know." "I'll tell you how to do it, Mr. Bundy. Will you authorize me to manage?"

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rob you in

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of the inn. Oliver enquired of the landlord: "When does the stage start in the morning?" "At eight o'clock." "Can I engage two seats in it?" "Yes, sir. Your stay is s

hort." "True, but our business takes little time to transact. Let us have breakfast in time." Denton listened, but made no movement. The next morning when the stage drew up before the door, not onl